Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good Deal: The X-MEN Trilogy on Blu-Ray for $7.99 each

UPDATE: Looks like if you didn't act fast enough, this deal is over! The first two films (the far superior films) are back up to full-price, but THE LAST STAND is still discounted a bit.

With X-MEN: FIRST CLASS opening this weekend, it only seems appropriate that you should stock up on its predecessors. You can buy the box set for $32.99, but who really wants to own the third one anyway? And with the deal, it actually ends up cheaper to buy them all seperately.


While SPIDER-MAN gets a lot of credit for bringing in this era of the superhero, X-MEN was first and did it splendidly. I grew up watching the X-Men cartoon and this movie was pitch perfect for me. I loved the casting and the general allegory of mutants as societal outsiders. Plus, it introduced us all to Hugh Jackman and I'm so glad for that!

X2: X-Men United

The superhero film market has become flooded with some quality films since this was released, SPIDER-MAN 2, IRON MAN, and THE DARK KNIGHT, but this remains my favorite of them all. They did everything that made the first one great and just made it better - deeper mythology, bigger bad, and a heck of a love triangle. This is the movie I measure all other superhero films against.


Well, this is better than the Wolverine spin-off. It's a strong enough effort that I'll rewatch it when I marathon threw these films this week, but it's definitely the weakest link. Brett Ratner just never captured what made the first two great, but he did a passable job at making an entertaining flick.

Which X-MEN film is your favorite? Are you as excited for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS as I am?

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