Saturday, June 4, 2011

ABDC and SYTYCD collide: Hiro McRae of We Are Heroes heads to Vegas

There has already been a good amount of cross-pollination between the two shows,  and it looks like that trend will only continue. In the LA auditions, a young japanese hip hopper looked so familiar to me. She did some fantastic popping and as I watching, I recognized her style. It was Hiro from We Are Heroes, winners of America's Best Dance Crew Season 4!

Watch her audition and learn more about other ABDC/SYTYCD crossovers after the break.

Other double dance show performers:
Philip Chbeeb - Top 20 on SYTYCD Season 6, now in IaMmE in the ABDC Season 6 finals
D-Trix, Ryan & Hok - Top 20 on SYTYCD Season 3, Season 3 winners of ABDC in Quest
Victor Kim - featured audition on Season 5 SYTYCD, Quest crew on ABDC
Brandon Norris - featured audition on SYTYCD, Dynamic Edition on ABDC
Donyelle Jones - Top 20 on SYTYCD Season 2, Artistry in Motion on ABDC Season 4

Am I missing any other dancers who appeared on both? Do you think Hiro can make it all the way to the Top 20?

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