Friday, February 11, 2011

Linkulous: Bros Before Hos, Super Powered Humans, Grammy Noms, Egypt, and more

6 Expressions That Hollywood Will Turn Into #1 Movies

Upset Ex-Girlfriend Spams Boyfriend In Google Images

6 ordinary REAL people who developed sci-fi superpowers overnight 

LOL: The Worried Face – The New Trend In Animated Movie Marketing

Wow: All 5 Best Album Grammy nominees were engineered by graduates of the same university

Angry tweets out of Cairo mapped/archived in real time by UCLA's HyperCities Egypt.

AMC and Regal forming new venture to acquire and release movies


  1. I'd totally watch "That's What She Said." Danny Devito!?! Hell to the yeah.

  2. haha yeah! and Bros Before Hos seems like it should already exist lol