Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 6

This week the Top 6 dancers battle it out to make it to the Top 5. But another dancer is sidelined due to injury - Billy Bell is sitting tonight's performances out. In celebration of tonight's 150th episode, there's an extra judge sitting on the panel: Dancer/Choreographer/Producer/Director extraordinaire Kenny Ortega. You might not know his name, but you definitely know his work - The High School Musical Series, choreographed Michael Jackson's This is It, directed Gilmore Girls, and more.

While it's bad news for Billy, there is some good news for the show: an Emmy win for Costume Design!

Lauren with All Star tWitch
NappyTabs Hip Hop
"My Chick Bad" by Ludacris & Nicki Minaj
The story behind the dance is a showdown in the Wild West, with Lauren being the last chick standing. It was a fun routine that Lauren pulled off way better than I thought she would! She's normally the cute, innocent girl but she pulled out the big guns and got BAD. There were some great moves like when tWitch used Lauren as a gun, when he swung her down and she smoothly went into crazy back-bending tumbles.

Jose with All Star Allison
Sonya Tayeh Contemporary
"Eternal Sunshin of a Spotless Mind Theme" by Jon Brion
The story of the routine is about a couple that meets, falls in love, but in the end they fall apart. It tracks the different levels in the life of a relationship. While I liked the symbolism of the edge of the stage being the risk you put yourself in when you give your heart to someone else, overall I found the dance to be boring. The dance moves weren't very challenging, there wasn't enough movement for me to even take note of the quality of movements. The emotion, story, and concept were great, but that's not going to be enough to get people to pick up the phone to vote.

Robert with All Star Lauren
Tyce DiOrio Jazz
"Wasted Time" by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
There's no story here, just the dance of seduction and sexiness. This is not hard to do when the dancers are as hot as Robert and Lauren. The moment where he runs his mouth down her leg - WOWZA!

Solo: Adechike
"This Woman's Work" by Maxwell
Is he wearing Jeggings (Jean-like leggings)?! For that, he gets negative points.

Kent with All Star Kathryn
Sonya Tayeh Jazz
"Tightrope" by Janelle Monae
That was such a fun routine! They geniunely looked to be enjoying themselves and danced their butts off. The handspring over Kathryn was impressive, as were all his flips and jumps tonight. Nigel thinks he's outdanced his All Star partners the past two weeks, and while he's a strong dancer, I wouldn't go that far.
P.S. the song choice was spot on - go download it from iTunes now.

Solo: Robert
"Parachutes" by Trevor Hall

Solo: Lauren
"The Waves" by Elisa
The class of small children wishing her luck and sending their love was ADORABLE. While her solo was strong and was worthy of "fight for your life" levels, those kids stole the show for me.

Adechike with All Star Comfort
NappyTabs Lyrical Hip Hop
"Fallin'" by Alicia Keys
That was the best routine yet tonight! They both completely sold the emotion and the tumultuous relationship. Their movements were grounded and hard hitting, but it was their facial expressions and characters that made it come alive. That was amazing, definitely on the same level as "No Air" and "Bleeding Love" from Season Four, if not even better!

Solo: Jose
"Give It Up or Turnit A Loose" by James Brown

Solo: Kent
"End of the Road (A Cappella)" by Boyz II Men

Robert & Lauren
Demitri Chaplin Samba
"Drummer Boy (SYTYCD Remix)" by Debi Nova
They pulled off the flirtatious and fun vibe so well. They did a solid job of the choreography as well, which is incredible given both their contemporary dancers. After tonight, I think Robert could partner with an orange and make it work. He just has such chemistry and plays off his partner so well.

Adechike & Jose
Demitri Chaplin (w/ Legacy assiting) Paso Doble
"The Arrival/Rampage/Contiend Existance" by James Dooley
This is the first male partnering of the Paso Doble on the show. Usually the Paso Doble is a man dancing with his cape, the girl. But this routine had to be changed to be two matadors fighting to cater to the two men. During the routine, you could definitely tell that Jose did not have as much dance training as Adechike. As much as I like him, this may be his week to go if Billy is healed. The critiques for this were lacking on why this routine exactly was "lacking." I hate to say it, but in times like these we need Mary Murphy! She is the resident ballroom expert. Where is she? I know she was replaced as a permanent judge by Mia, but it was reported that she would still guest judge and choreograph. We're more than halfway through the season and there's been no trace of her.

Kent & Billy (replaced by tWitch)
Chuck Maldonado Stepping
"Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)" by Kid Sister
I think they were together during the a cappela portion of the routine? It was really hard to hear over the constant scream of the crowd of young girls. I thought he managed to stay afloat, but definitely wasn't as in love with it as the judges.

Favorite Routine: The lyrical hip hop routine with Adechike and Comfort was the best lyrical hip hop routine I've seen on the show since Season 4.

Bottom Three Prediction: If Billy can compete tomorrow, I think Jose will be going home. It's just becoming more and more obvious that he needs more training to be at the same level as the remaining contestants. Personality and charm can only get you so far! And if Billy is still injured, then we all know how that will play out.

What was your favorite routine of the night? Did you love "Fallin" as much as I did?

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