Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The LXD: Chapters Four and Five

The next two installments of the epic dance series LXD have arrived today! While I don't think they're as strong as the last installment with Madd Chadd, they both have great dance sequences that slowly move the story forward.

The Madd Chadd episode was so great because it didn't waste time on exposition or bother with dialogue. I'm sure the majority of the viewers care about the dance routines more than the plot and that episode found a way to seamlessly integrate it better than any of the other chapters. I posted Chapter Three earlier, so be sure to watch it before moving on to Chapters Four and Five, which are posted below.

Chapter Four:

Chapter Five: 

Chapter Four's b-boy battle was epic, but the lighting distracted me and made it hard for me to focus on their dance movements. What has been your favorite chapter of the LXD journey so far?

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