Friday, April 23, 2010

Linkulous: Scott Baio, Christina Hendricks, Man-cession and more

Happy Friday! Here are some great articles I read throughout the week. 

Scott Baio's Online Meltdown: A Complete Timeline

What Next, the Official Salad Dressing of ‘Sex and the City 2’?

Christina Hendricks: A Letter to Men

Man-cession? Gains in education help women avert worst of job losses in downturn, for now

Confessions Of A 30k Millionaire

Twitter Brings Down Top Official In India 

"Oh My Lady Gaga" is the coolest new expression in China 

Sonoma County Deems Elderly Gay Couple 'Roommates' and Then Takes Over Their Lives

'American Idol' overruns have become unprofessional

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