Friday, January 29, 2010

Linkulous: Sex, Lost, Caprica, and more!

This was a pretty great week for me, lifewise. I hope you guys all had a great week! Check out some of the articles that caught my eye:

Why Sex Is Giving you Carpal Tunnel

Four Things to Remember From The Season 5 Finale of Lost - the last season starts Tuesday!

Chuck inspired Etsy Crafts - awesome

Did Preferential System Hurt 'Avatar' at the PGAs? - I think it will definitely hurt their chances at Oscar glory.

Caprica: 12 Reasons We're There!

9 Secrets from the set of Caprica

NBC's Jeff Gaspin on emotions and late-night TV - another perspective on the Jaypocalpyse.

All The City's A Stage - I want to go on one! And, it was endorsed by NPH.

In Praise of Online Obscurity

Unattainable Beauty: The Decades Biggest Airbrushing Scandals Lets You Book the "LOST" Flight

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