Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: And The Winner Is...

What a jam packed show! Star studded performances (honestly, I fast forwarded through them), a recap of some of the best dances of the season, and the announcing of the winner.

First, let's talk about the routines they picked as their favorites. I'm glad to see the inclusion of Kathryn & Jakob's Desmond and Dwight's Contemporary routine from last night. Another routine from last night that made the cut - Kathryn & Russell's hard hitting hip hop, had to be shown via tape due to the spontaneity of live TV. I guess Russell was rehearsing back stage and messed up his knee. You could tell he was having trouble walking, so his routines were just shown on tape. I'm glad the Noelle & Russell Frog Prince Afro-Jazz routine was included. That was the only routine of theirs that I truly enjoyed.

There were a few numbers from the showcase that I had forgotten about since they were so long ago. I loved the Legacy, Kevin, and Russell hip hop routine to Beggin'. It highlighted each of their styles and skills so well. The Tyce Diorio contemporary routine with Channing, Ariana, Nathan, and Jakob was beautiful too. I had pretty much forgotten Ariana was in this competition. The Top 20 routine by Wade was great, as usual. I hope Wade choreographs more in the future seasons. It really is sad that Billy was injured early on though, since he really stood out in that number. The tappers had their moment to shine again as well, doing their "Take The A Train" number.

My favorite of the routines performed tonight has to be the Sonya contemporary routine with Jakob and Ellenore. I was also really impressed with Ashleigh and Ryan's self-choreographed Jive. Could they be the next Anya and Pasha? I would love to see them come back to choreograph sexy latin ballroom numbers.

I was sad to see that Ryan & Ellenore's Travis Wall routine to "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" wasn't included, but I guess they could only include one of his routines and they went with the sexy and dangerous table Mr/Mrs Smith number with Ellenore and Legacy. Also performed that I haven't mentioned yet, Mollee and Nathan's Bollywood, which was great and fun.

There were many performances tonight, but the only one I really watched was The Groovaloos. Check out their routine here (if it's still available):

Now, let's get on to the results! Did you guys see my predictions yesterday after the show? I was THIS CLOSE to correctly guessing the order. The only thing off was I had the first and second dancers switched. Congratulations go out to...


I was rooting for Jakob, but Russell's journey and growth this season has been amazing. The fact that he hasn't had any real training is just such an inspiration to street dancers out there. I'll be sure to check out him and Jakob (runner-up) in whatever Oscar's musical number Adam Shankman gets them in.


  1. Good season, and although I supported jakob, I was happy to see Russell win. But I felt the finale part 1 was too rushed. Only an hour? And a final six instead of a final four? No. I didn't like how FOX decided to schedule it this year. I hope they don't do it like this next year...

  2. The finale part 1 was so rushed! I barely had time to think about the dances before they were rushing the next couple on stage. I just don't understand why FOX would schedule that Gordan Ramsay cooking show then. Who wants to cook at 9pm? Oh well, SYTYCD is returning in summer so there shouldn't be these scheduling problems then.