Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 6

How can they have a finale that's only one hour? AND with 6 people? There's definitely not enough dancing this season. Looks like they're cutting down on the run time by eliminating the pre-dance videos and the solos. Sad to see the solos fall to the wayside, since we're supposed to be voting for the person and not the partnerships. I'm glad it'll be returning for a summer run in 2010. Now, on to what little dancing we did see.

Kathryn & Ryan
Jason Gilkinson Samba
Magalenah by Sergio
It was a bit of Afro-Samba! That last lift over the back and drop was impressive. As Adam mentioned, the assisted turn in the beginning was beautiful.

Ellenore & Jakob
Tyce Diorio Broadway
I Gotcha from Fosse
The slow slide into the splits by Jakob was great. There were a lot of jumps and splits; they were all just beautiful and such great lines. Ellenore is such a hottie and this dance allowed her to be sexy, which I don't think many of her routines have before.

Ashleigh & Russell
Sonya contemporary
Angel Standy By by Jewel
It was a very traditional contempory, especially for Sonya. It was just the little ticks and staccato movements that gave it that Sonya twinge. Russell was amazing - his jumps and strength really shone.

Ellenore & Ryan
Gary Stewert Jazz
Kontact Me by Boyz Noise
That was definitely one of the stranger dances from this season - very robotic. I'm not sure how I felt about it, but I thought it was overall very well done.

Ashleigh & Jakob
Jean Marc Foxtrot
Let the good times roll by Chuck Brown
Very graceful, very beautiful. However, foxtrots are always a bit boring compared to the other ballroom numbers and modern styles.

Ellenore & Russell
Jason Gilkinson Paso Doble
Village Attack from Blood Diamond Soundtrack
Wow, Ellenore's so good. I loved the theatrics - the use of the screen, the slow entrance of Ellenore, and the sudden entrance of Russell.

Kathryn & Jakob
Desmond Richardson Contemporary
At This Moment by Michael Buble
They really were in the emotion and character of that routine. Completely deserving of their standing ovation. Their dancing was beautiful, the chemistry was tangible. I'm going to agree with Mary on this, it was magical.

Ashleigh & Ryan
Travis Wall Contemporary
I'm There Too Michelle Featherstone
Finally the married couple gets to dance together! This is leaps and bounds better than their first audition together. Aw, just beautiful and adorable. Looking back at their first audition, it's just amazing how much they've grown in both technique and performance. They had no where near as much chemistry back then. Like Adam said, there was just such tenderness evident throughout the whole performance.

Kathryn & Russell
Nappy Tabs Hip Hop
I Can Transform Ya by Chris Brown & Lil Wayne
A very hard hitting, krump/hip hop number. Russell excelled, as to be expected, and Kathryn got really in to it. I loved the ending where Kathryn stole his heart.

Highlights: The Kathryn/Jakob routine was just exquisitely beautiful. The Ellenore/Russell Paso Doble was very dramatic and theatrical. The show had great numbers across the board! The shortened run kept it from dragging, but it also made the whole episode feel as if it was on speed. I didn't have enough time to fully digest the routines before the next one was starting. I don't understand why Fox decided to have the Gordon Ramsey special tonight - why not Wednesday night after the finale? Just odd.
Predictions: I honestly don't know who I want to win, let alone who I think America is going to choose. As evidenced by my predictions last week, that means I'll probably be way off. But here goes nothing:
6. Ryan
5. Ashleigh
4. Ellenore
3. Kathryn
2. Russell
1. Jakob

I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow night.

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  1. Kt here with my last thoughts. I'll make them quick.

    Alot of great numbers last nite none of which stand out as being lesser then any others. I think Kathryn was the star last nite, yet I still feel like this is between Jakob and Russell.

    My predictions are as follows:
    6. Ashleigh
    5. Ryan
    4. Kathryn
    3. Ellenore
    2. Jakob
    1. Russell

    I feel like if it were based on acutal performances and that alone, Russell wouldn't even be in top 2. I tihnk then it would be Jakob and Kathryn. But Russell has been the fan favorite ever since his Cha Cha in Vegas with Eveta, and that isn't going to change now. Russell takes it down, though as Kristal said, I really wouldn't be upset with anyone winning this year. I tihnk the top 6 are all so even.