Monday, November 21, 2011

Sundance Channel's The Mortified Sessions premieres in December

Sundance Channel's newest show The Mortified Sessions is premiering soon! Check out the official blurb: 

Did you rock a fanny pack in the 90's? Could you have passed for a Chia Pet with your 80's hair do? Remember those days when MC hammer pants were cool? 
Well Sundance does, and on December 5th, hilarious Office actor Ed Helms, Oscar winner Mo'Nique, and star of Modern Family Eric Stonestreet will be recounting those days during the premiere of Sundance Channel's new show The Mortified Sessions. Get to know how your favorite celebrities became who they are by taking an entertaining look at who they were.  From awkward childhood photos to embarrassing poetry, this is one trip down memory lane you have to see!   The Mortified Sessions will premiere in a back to back stacked TV event on December 5th starting at 8PM ET on Sundance Channel!   
Visit or for more info.

Ed Helms is now the best part of The Office so I'm already interested just because of his involvement!  I'll have to track down what channel is The Sundance Channel on my cable box, just so I can check this baby out. Will you tune in?

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