Monday, May 30, 2011

Music Monday: Words I Never Said by Lupe Fiasco

I went to UCLA's Jazz Reggae Fest yesterday and had an absolute blast. I'm super sunburned, but it was worth it to see Lupe in concert again. I mainly went to see him, but was also looking forward to Talib Kweli. Unfortunately, Talib only played one song, as a part of someone else's set. He was prominently featured on the promotional materials, but only got a few minutes. I was very surprised he didn't get his own set, considering he was one of the bigger names. When he came on stage, most of the crowd got to their feet and rocked out to his song. I'm sure I wasn't the only one disappointed to see him go so quickly.

Lupe puts on such an energetic show and I'm just a big fan of his music. One of my favorite of his new tracks is Words I Never Said. Check out the official video after the break.

You can buy the track from Amazon here:

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