Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: Season 8 Premiere Set for May 26

My little blog has grown a lot since last summer, so my newer followers may not know just how big a fan I am of the show. I'm a fan of dance shows in general, but So You Think You Can Dance takes the cake for talent and entertainment.

After crowning Lauren Froderman winner of Season 7 in August, they've been auditioning across the country to find the next major dance talent. And finally, on Thursday May 26 in a 2-hour premiere, we'll see some of what's been cooking for the past few months. They haven't announced if they'll repeat the All-Stars format, or have a Top 20, but no matter what they go with I will be glued to my screen.

One confirmed change is that Ballroom judge Mary Murphy will be back! While she is by far the most annoying judge, I actually missed her last season. Her enthusiasm kept the critiques lively, but she has had concrete criticism on how they could improve. Mia was just too harsh, which threw off the balance of the critiques. You can't tear these kids down after a poor routine, the critiques should end on a high note with how they can improve. With Nigel, Mia, and Adam Shankman on the judges panel, there was no knowledgeable voice for the ballroom routines either. It will be nice to have that balance back. I'll tolerate the shrieking more now, knowing that this show really is better with her.

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