Thursday, May 27, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Interview with Nigel and Shankman

I love Adam Shankman. I'm so glad he'll be returning as a permanent judge tonight. Will you be watching the season premiere tonight? Turns out I'm only going to be able to watch half, since I'm seeing Flashforward through to the end and catching the season finale. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem but with the move I'm DVR-less for a couple days and have to actually commit to one program. As it's only the auditions, I'm not too fussed about it. There's no way I'll be missing any of the Top 10 performancers and the All-Stars!

For more on Cat Deeley and the show, check out this interview she did with the LA Times ShowTracker Blog.

Tune in tonight at 8 pm EST/PST on FOX for the first round of auditions, in New York City and Miami!


  1. I've never been interested in this show until I started watching Glee thanks to Harry Shum, Jr. I'm actually intrigued enough to start watching.

  2. Oh yeah, Harry is a ridiculous dancer! He's amazing in Step Up 3D too.