Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 15 Recap

This week's episode was full of twists, turns, and even a fair share of murders. I was finally able to watch the show live, so check out my full recap below.

With the werewolves out of town, the Salvatores can focus on killing Elijah and saving Elena from his plan. However, through the new journals, we find out that Jonathon Gilbert's death was at Stefan Salvatore's hands. While I thought this would be a big issue, Stefan quickly explained his side, filled with flashbacks!

I love the flashback episodes, they always reveals so much about our lovable vampires. Stefan was once worse than Damon is now, drinking and killing for the fun of it, wallowing in guilt. It's hard to imagine the nice, boring guy Stefan had such a dark streak but that's what living for hundreds of years can do to a person: they can change. Apparently Lexi, his best friend who Damon killed in Season 1, is the reason he started to change to the Stefan we know today. She tried to teach him how to let feelings back in, to embrace those human emotions because being able to love is worth all the pain that comes back with it. 

Jenna's showing Elijah around town and Alaric is not comfortable with that. Apparently, the founding families didn't really found anything, it was actually settled by people who ran away from the Salem witch trials.

Bonnie and Jeremy, I'm totally on board with them now in case you missed that, are SO cute. I loved that he stood up to get Luka out of her face. That was some pretty heavy magic she did in order to get the information out of him and for him to not remember any of it. I wonder if there's some magic he can use to access what really happened?

Katherine looks dreadful in that cave, all ashy and dead-dead looking, not undead looking. Apparently, she's trapped in there forever if Elijah dies, so she's willing to promise anything to get Damon to get her out before he kills him. I'm siding with Damon on this, as soon as she gets out she's gone, regardless of the debt she owes him.

To start on his plan to destroy Elijah, Damon orchestrates to have a dinner party at his place with Elijah, Jenna, Alaric, and his new lady friend. However, the plan gets off to a shaky start with Uncle Jon crashing to partake in the "games." Elijah shares stories of the witches being burned so the founding fathers could claim the town. Then, just as they're about to go to the study, Elena and Stefan learn in the Gilbert journals that if any demon wields the dagger they'll die as well. Jon had planned to get rid of Damon and Elijah in one fell swoop. But luckily, they reach Alaric in time and get him to put the stabbing on hold. Just when I thought they'd have to kill him another day, Alaric stabs Elijah from behind. God, this show always shocks me with the brutality of the fights and murders. I LOVE IT. And then, they throw in another curve when it turns out that the dagger has to stay in place for an Original to die, so of course when Damon goes back to the body, Elijah is gone and safely with his warlock.

"There's no such thing as a bad idea, just poorly executed awesome ones."

Bonnie comes over to go over what the learned last night from Luka, only to discover an overly romantic atmosphere with the living room full of candles. While Jeremy is completely ready to just jump into this relationship, Bonnie wants to talk to Elena first to make sure she's ok with her dating her younger brother. While I understand it, I don't agree with her descision to seek approval first. They were playing with magic, channeling fire and just when things started to get intimate, daddy warlock came in and stole Bonnie's powers because of what she did to Luka. Can you DO that!?

Elijah found Elena in the cabin, pretty easily. Luckily, there was enough time for Damon to come to the cabin to drop off the dagger, so when Elena was negotiating, she planned to stab herself the whole time. She lured him in and just when I thought they had worked out a new deal, she stabbed him in the heart. Stabbed to death twice in one night! This time, it looks like he'll stay dead though.

To cap off the episode, Damon returns home to find Katherine in his shower. Turns out, killing Elijah broke his compulsion, so instead of trapping in there forever she's free to roam.

Now that Elijah's dead, how do they plan on dealing when Klaus inevitably comes to town? There seems to be just the one dagger and that's going to be staying in Elijah for quite some time. I'm sure we'll find out soon, it never takes too long for Mystic Falls to get into trouble again. There's never a dull moment, and that's why I love it.

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