Monday, January 3, 2011

Midseason Preview: Being Human

From SyFy:

Meet vampire "Aidan" (Sam Witwer), werewolf "Josh" (Sam Huntington) and ghost "Sally" (Meaghan Rath), three paranormal, 20-something roommates living in Boston and struggling with living double lives as they try to be human.
Being Human debuts on Syfy Monday, Jan. 17, at 9/8C.

This is quickly becoming my most anticipated January premiere! It's got everything I love (vampires, werewolves, 20-something drama, alter egos/double lives!) all in one place. Will you guys be tuning in?


  1. I'll need to be watching this at your place my dear.

  2. You're welcome any time! Monday nights: How I Met Your Mother and Being Human :)