Friday, January 14, 2011

Linkulous: happythankyoumoreplease, The Collar Bomb Heist, Firefly, and more

The Greatest 911 Call Ever Placed By A Little Boy Angry With His Dad

The Incredible True Story of the Collar Bomb Heist

Han Solo's in Firefly?!

MySpace's Collapse is a Big Opportunity for Facebook and Tumblr

DreamWorks Animation working with A.R. Rahman on animated Bollywood musical

Steve Carell Will Exit ‘The Office’ Early 

What your brain looks like after 20 years of marriage

Speaking of marriage, I started a new blog for all my wedding stuff. Mainly just pretty pictures, random thoughts, planning ideas, etc. Check out my Geeky Wedding blog if that's your sort of thing. 

Happy Friday everyone! 

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