Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

I feel like it's been an eternity since there was a last new episode. When this show's on hiatus, I notice it like no other show currently on air. Previously, a whole lot of stuff happened with the curse and the doppleganger mythology. Really, there should be a TVD-pedia somewhere.

We open with an intruder in Elena's house, but he gets away thanks to a distraction in the form of a barely clothed Alaric and Jenna in a post-coital munchie session. It looks like Luthor got some hair and a photo from Elena's room. I wonder what he needs that for...

Damon and Stefan need the moonstone, and Katherine will give it up only if they release her from the tomb. She's hungry and would rather be able to eat while running from Klaus than be stuck down there any longer.

Damon and Stefan are willing to do some hocus pocus to destroy the moonstone and pretend to get Katherine out, but Elena doesn't want to make Bonnie do anything more. She doesn't want to keep putting her friends in danger. Spoken like a a true reluctant hero...just look at Harry Potter in the latest film! They're exactly the same; they don't understand that the people who are trying to help are doing so because they want to and not because they have to. I'm kind of getting tired of Elena pushing away the people who are trying to protect and help her in the name of "protecting them."

Meanwhile, Bonnie is bonding with the new warlock in town. Apparently, she needs to draw upon nature, the elements, or others like her if she wants the nose bleeds and pain to stop while doing big magic. She's doing too much on her own and her body can't handle it. They exchange a couple personal items, which will work as talismen, and are able to control the wind with ease, no nose bleeds, no fainting. Just then Jeremy comes up and I really don't know if I like them as a romantic pairing or not. I've mentioned this before and I'm still on the fence between it being cute and it being gross!

Elena finds Rose, wanting her to take her to Slater. Elena will get her a daywalker ring, if she can take her to Slater for more information on the moonstone and doppelganger sacrifice. Of course, Slater is dead when they arrive, but his girlfriend is there to hack into his computer to direct them towards Klaus. Elena sends one of his contacts a message: The doppelganger is alive and ready to surrender. She's on a suicide mission to sacrifice herself and protect her friends and family. Why do I feel like this plan will backfire?

While Elena is off giving herself up, Damon, Stefan, and Bonnie are trying to lower the tomb's curse so they can go in, overpower Katherine and grab the moonstone. Bonnie is obviously pushing her limits with the magic. Jeremy sees that and decides to go into the tomb on his own to grab the stone. He steals some of that magic powder, takes one of Alaric's stake shooters, and makes a stupid decision. He disabled Katherine, but couldn't get out before she recovered. He had the forethought to throw the moonstone free of the tomb's boundary, but he's trapped in there with Katherine wearing the ring that will keep him from permanently dying, as a plaything and food source for her from now until the end of time if she wants that.

And remember those hairs the warlock stole from Elena's room in the very beginning? Well, Elijah used those for a tracking spell. He knows where Elena is and he's coming after her. Rose called Damon and he came running to get her out of the mess she made. They're not going to let her sacrifice herself.

Tyler and Caroline continue bonding over being different and not being able to tell anyone. They go down to the old Lockwood cellar and find an old journal of Mason's. He documented the entire process and it is pretty frightening. Tyler watching the video of the excruciating pain of transforming reminded me of pregnant women watching videos of women in labor. It's painful, it's going to happen to you, and there's nothing you can do to avoid it at this point.

Bonnie's not strong enough to break the curse, even with the connection to Luca to draw from. Enraged that she's still stuck in there, she starts to chow down on Jeremy but Stefan super speeds in to save him and now he's trapped in there with her! Another stupid move!

Damon is just about to forcibly take Elena back to Mystic Falls when some cronies bust in to take the doppelganger to Klaus. But, they're not even a threat because right behind them is Elijah, who they are all shocked to see since they left him staked and pinned against a wall. Then, he pulls the most badass move by ripping out their hearts just keep them from sharing the news of the doppelganger's existence with anyone else.

I'm a bit disappointed we didn't get to see what happened after that. Instead we hear the story from Elijah when he tells the warlock. He knows she'll be kept safe with the Salvatore brothers, so he's letting her stay with them for the time being.

Jeremy and Bonnie's chemistry is finally addressed with a near kiss in the kitchen. I was alternatively cheering for it to happen and cringing. Sorry, but I really am conflicted on this issue.  I just know I don't really want her to get romantically involved with Luca while his allegiance is so murky.

Elena returns home to find Jeremy bleeding and Stefan entombed. Damon does all he can to stop her from going in there after him; Katherine would surely take advantage if that situation presented itself.

So who made the biggest mistake this week? Elena for turning herself in, Stefan for getting trapped, or Elijah for letting them go free? You know in the end it'll be Elijah. I can't see how letting the doppelganger roam free is going to be seen as a smart decision by Klaus. I'm really looking forward to when we meet him. I'm guessing it'll be during February Sweeps.

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