Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 7

After Alex's heartbreaking departure, it looks like we have another injury this week. Ashley had to sit out this week and may be out of the competition with a potentially broken rib.

Lauren with All Star Mark
Tiana Liufau Tahitian 
"Jungle" by Last Voices
The dance represents the night in the day. They flirt and court each other and then them come together to make the first full day.
That reminded me of Hawaiian and Samoan dances I had seen before, which I guess makes sense given they're all island cultures. That must have been exhausting - their hips were moving the entire time. It really highlighted Lauren's butt and Mark's muscles, which I enjoyed. This was like nothing they had had on the show before, so the judges couldn't really critique it as well as other routines. I will say it was a lot of fun to watch and had great energy and storytelling.
Favorite quote: "It was like a duck in heat." - Mia

Adechike with All Star Anya
Liz Lira Salsa
"Oyelo Que Te Convien" by Eddie Palmieri
The first trick where Anya backbends and Adechike lifts her up again with his foot, and then she slowly went back down to the floor - that was oddly slowly. I guess that was intentional, but it seemed off to me. The choreography for this routine was insane - so many tricks and flips and lifts. It may have been a bit too difficult for Adechike to excel at. However, with all that said, that was a great effort and they came very closely to dancing it at the competition level it was meant for.

Jose with All Star Courtney
Joey Dawling Broadway
"Mister Cellophane" from Chicago (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I love this song and number from the movie. This routine stripped Jose of his personality and overall was boring. There wasn't much to remember it and itself will be invisible once compared to the other routines from tonight. Jose gets by week after week on his heart and personality, this may be the week he's in the bottom three thanks to this routine.

Robert with All Star Allison
Travis Wall Contemporary
"Fix You" by Coldplay
This piece is for Travis's mom, who went through a major surgery recently. That was beautiful and emotional and just fantastic. Travis Wall is amazing. The story of helping out his mother was so touching and just perfectly imagined with all the lifts and the final moments where Robert lifted her feet with his. Not only was the choreography fantastic, but Robert was flawless with such lines and strength in every move. There is no way Robert is going home this week after this.

Billy with All Star Anya
Louis Van Amstel Jive
"Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meat Loaf
This is another competition level ballroom routine. That was a solid routine, with great partner work. For this routine, I wish Mary Murphy was on the judging panel to really let us know about how ballroom is supposed to look. None of the judges are ballroom experts and lack the vocabulary to fully talk about the dance without relying solely on their chemistry.

Kent with All Star Niel
Tyce DiOrio Broadway
"Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo" from Damn Yankees
It's a baseball duo training with each other. It opned with a very athletic jump over Niel. Their flips were amazing and so high and in sync. That was a very fun routine with a lot of energy. They were in sync for every major trick and move. I'm loving the same-sex dances and am glad there are more of them this season than just the group dances and final four week.

Lauren & Billy
Mandy Moore Jazz
"Boogie Shoes" by KC & The Sunshine Band
The story is that their shoes meet up and take over and make them dance. The shoes are full of magic. It's a great commercial for converse. That was a cute routine and they both are very strong Jazz dancers.

Jose & Dominic
NappyTabs B-Boy
"Battle for the Beat" by District 78
This is the first breaking/b-boy routine ever on the show. It's a battle of East vs. West styles and the story itself was a battle over a sword. There were far too many tricks to point out all the ones that I liked. I will point out the same move as the slow-mo, when Jose was lifted so his chest and full body weight was being held up by Dominic's legs.

Adechike & Kent
Dee Caspury Contemporary
"You Only Disappear" by Tom McRae
In this Kent has a girlfriend that Adechike is trying to save him from and break them apart. Their lines and jumps are out of this world. There was one jump by Adechike, highlighted in slow motion, where it seemed like he defied gravity and just hung in the air far longer than should be humanly possible. 

Robert & Ashley (All-Star Kathryn Substitute)
Doriana Sanchez Disco
"Instant Replay" by Dan Hartman
Wow, I'm exhausted after just watching that routine! There were so many tricks, I don't even know where to begin talking about this routine. Plus, Kathryn must have had to learn that in half the time as Robert, because of Ashley's injury, and that is why she's an All-Star. She was stellar!

Favorite Routine: Robert and Allison's Travis Wall Contemporary. That just had such emotion behind the flawless movements.

Bottom Three Prediction: Ashley is definitely in the bottom three because of injury. I think Robert and Billy will be joining her, even though Jose had the weakest dance of the night with his broadway number. I think he's too much of a fan favorite to be in the bottom. 

What did you guys think? What was your favorite dance tonight?

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  1. It's hard to pick the bottom 3 this week. Sadly, I think Ashley will probably be going home due to her injury (although I hope not). Jose was lucky that his b-boy routine was after his Broadway routine. I just hope Robert isn't in the bottom 3, but it's likely since he's been there before. I think my favorite part of the night was seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff with Kent and Adechike. : ) Jean