Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic-Con: Thursday Wrap Up

Comic-Con is the only place where I can make an obscure pop culture reference and expect everyone within earshot to get it. It's one of my favorite times of year and I definitely plan on going again and again for as long as I can afford (and maybe even some where I can't!). Growing up as a geeky teen girl, my first Comic-Con when I was 17 was eye-opening. It was the first time I realized just how many people out there are as passionate and obsessive about sci-fi/fantasty/superheroes as I am. So, as you can imagine, I'm very excited to share my experience here on my blog! Kevin and I will be posting about nearly all the panels we were able to attend, so keep checking the blog today and tomorrow for updates. I wanted to post earlier, but the wireless situation in San Diego was not the best.

Salt & Battle: Los Angeles Panel
My interest in Salt surrounds the fact that Angelina Jolie took over the role after Tom Cruise backed out. This change was a big learning process to the writers. They were surprised by how much it changed how all the characters relate to her. This one change had a snowball effect that slightly shifted every character in the film. Even with the change, expectations for the film and character are the same. It's not the "what" that changed, it was the "how." Angelina Jolie was on stage to discuss the role, but many of the questions centered on her method acting and were a bit repetitive. It was interesting to learn that she performed all of her stunts. The stunts were grounded in reality and had to be pratical and feasible, since this is an action film based in reality instead of inspired by a video game or graphic novel.

I hadn't heard of Battle: Los Angeles before this weekend, but was impressed with the viral marketing campaign ( throughout the weekend and the footage shown during the panel. Inspired by a mysterious event in Los Angeles, back in 1942 where the military shot hundreds of rounds on an unknown aircraft that didn't seem to suffer any damage. It then flew off and was never explained. The film takes these events as alien reconnaissance missions, and in 2011 the aliens come back to take over Earth. Instead of following a general citizen, it blends the war and sci-fi tropes by following an elite marine troop while they battle their way through Los Angeles in an effort to save the world.

Summit: RED Panel
RED was the highlight of Thursday for me. I had not heard of it before, despite having an A-list cast of Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, Karl Urban, Mary Louis-Parker, who were all in attendance for the panel. Also in the film are Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich.  Based on a DC series, Retired Extremely Dangerous aka RED follows CIA operatives that know to much to simply retire. With the government they served after them, they'll prove that they're not too old to kick some butt. While the movie is a fun, action/adventure film, it stays grounded thanks  to the fantastic performances from the cast.

Fans of the graphic novel can rest assured that they stay true to the character of Frank. They took the character and just placed him into a broader environment with a lighter, punchier tone so it will work in the film medium. The character is what sold the studio on the project. The writer was available, but he saw it more as a translation of the story, not a dictation of the graphic novel to the screen.

We saw the world premiere of the full length trailer, which is embedded below. Catch the flick in theaters October 15!

The Visionaries: Joss Whedon & JJ Abrams Panel
The geek gods of Buffy and Lost in the same room together! The biggest announcement was the confirmation that Joss Whedon will be directing The Avengers. While they haven't worked together, but they have known each other since the days of The WB where they both worked on Felicity and Buffy, respectively. They talked about everything from film memorabilia to 3D. While the fans cheered at the announcement that Super 8 won't be 3D, Joss loves it. He loves that it puts you in the space of the film, and adds just a little something to the viewing experience. There are definitely movies that don't need it, but when it is suited for it, it's great. It's not a fad, but it won't take over the film medium entirely. There's no audience to see a period drama in 3D, for example.

Joss also talked about Dr. Horrible and his desire to make a sequel. He proved that the internet could be profitable, just not at the same scale as film/television. He's too busy to work on the sequel now, since The Avengers is about to start up, but he and Jed Whedon have talked about some ideas. In addition to taking a break from Dr. Horrible, he's taking a break from television. He learned his lesson with Dollhouse. He was trying to fit a square peg (creative, serialized storytelling) into a round hole (broadcast television). FOX is incapable of letting him roam free creatively, like The WB did with Buffy, so now he knows if/when he returns to TV he fits within the cable mentality.

JJ did reveal that Bad Robot is trying to get in to web content creation, but didn't give details on the project. Whatever they release, I'll be very interested to check out given the Bad Robot track record. One fan question was if he was happy with the Lost ending, given that he created the show and still had input on the direction until he gave complete control over to Darlton for Season 6. He and Damion Lindleof made a Bible in the beginning of what they wanted to address in the show, but things change in television. You have to adapt when you come across great actors, like Michael Emerson, or have a great new idea. You need to listen to the show and be flexible. All that said, he did love the finale and the emotional satisfaction for the characters it provided.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Panel 
While the panel featured nearly everyone involved in the project, and even some who weren't, it ultimately proved a bit disappointing for me. With Edgar Wright (Director), Bryan O'Malley (Creator), and all the actors on stage, I expected more discussion, but it was really just a series of clips highlighting each character and then the reveal that select members of the audience were going to see the movie RIGHT NOW! Since I was not one of the lucky winners of that, the panel didn't add much knowledge to the project than I already knew. It was nice to see Michael Cera dressed as Captain America and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost surprise the audience though.

That covers my Thursday! Are you excited for any of these projects in particular? Stay tuned for more from Comic-Con info from me and KT soon.

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