Thursday, May 20, 2010

Upfronts: FOX New Shows

Fox just had it's most successful season yet. For the first time they were the top network during the fall season, thanks to Glee and So You Think You Can Dance. They solidly won spring, as usual thanks to a small show you may have heard of, American Idol. With a solid schedule already in place, they just have to fill holes with the departure of shows like Dollhouse and the fall season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Check out their new shows below. Any shows you planning on checking out? I'll give Running Wilde a shot, but I'm not too sure about anything else.

Raising Hope

Running Wilde: Mitch Hurwitz and Will Arnett (Arrested Development) are back together and bringing Keri Russell (Felicity, Waitress) along for the ride!



Mixed Signals


  1. I'll definitely give "Running Wilde" a shot--the trailer's pretty funny, and G.O.B. re-teaming with Mitch Hurwitz is just too good to pass up, especially with Will Arnett in the lead now. (Maybe they could get some "AD" vets to guest-star--there could never be enough Tobias Funke on TV!) And I love Keri Russell--she deserves a star-making role outside of "Felicity". Plus, I like that it looks sweeter than "Arrested Development", which could (hopefully!), if the show's actually good, help it find a large audience...and keep it from getting canceled as quickly.

  2. Can't wait for the new SYTYCD season to start- it's going to be awesome!

  3. @Rusty - yeah I'm definitely checking out Running Wilde. I'm kind of worried that Will Arnett can't carry a show on his own though. He's such a distinctive character that I don't know if it'll hold up for a whole season. But we'll see!

    @Street Dance Fan - thanks for checking out my blog! I'm super excited for SYTYCD to start next week! Be sure to check back since I'll be recapping each episode here on my blog.