Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing: Die Hard

The Die Hard franchise just won't die. Four movies in, only two of them were really great, and we're about to be blasted with another one.

From A.V. Club:

Fox is currently in negotiations with screenwriter Skip Woods to write a new script for the franchise. Woods has already done several tentpole projects for the studio—including X-Men Origins: Wolverine and this summer’s The A-Team—and previously built his reputation for big-bang actioners with Swordfish and Hitman. There’s no word yet on whether Live Free Or Die Hard director Len Wiseman will return, or any details of possible plotlines to discuss, but Willis himself did say in an interview earlier this year that he would like to see John McClane go “worldwide”—as opposed to battling Twitter terrorists, or whatever that last one was about—so maybe this one will find him tossing dudes off the Eiffel Tower or something. 

See the list of films this guy previously worked on? I didn't like any of them. Well, it's too early to say for The A-Team, so we'll see on that one. Live Free or Die Hard was a disappointment, why must we continually go back to Die Hard? Stallone just announced that there will never be another Rambo movie, maybe John McClane should go the same route. 

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  1. Ehh I would say 3 of the 4 in the series were hits, and Die Hard 2 wasn't bad by any means, jsut compared to the others it wasn't that great. Hey man if Live Free or Die Hard proved anything, its that Bruce Willis kicks alot more ass then Harris Ford in their senile ages. I'm pumped.