Saturday, May 22, 2010

Advance Review: MacGruber

Not familiar with MacGruber? For a quick crash course, check out the SNL sketch:

If you enjoyed that sketch, it's pretty much guaranteed you will enjoy the movie. It's fairly short, clocking in at just an hour fifteen minutes, but when you consider it's based on 30-second-long sketches it's pretty impressive they were able to make a full plot line out of it.

With hilarious, inappropriate moments, MacGruber was a whole lot of fun to watch. Some critics are saying it's the best SNL movie since Wayne's World. I don't know about that, but I will say it's the best comedy since The Hangover last year. If you like raunchy humor including everything from fart/anus jokes, hilariously wrong sex scenes, and defacing corpses, you'll laugh throughout.

While I expected Will Forte and Kirsten Wiig to be fully committed to these outlandish characters, I was happily surprised with Ryan Phillippes turn in comedy. While he plays the straight man to Will Forte's MacGruber, he does have a few moments to shine and elicit laughs. One of my favorite moments is when MacGruber uses him as a human shield (it's in the trailer so I'm not spoiling anything). The entire time Ryan is convulsing and just selling that he's getting shot everywhere on that bullet proof jacket. Another highlight for me was the ridiculousness of the celery stick trick.

The comedy is raunchy and the violence is surprisingly graphic, but if you've got that R rating why not just go balls to wall with it, right?

My recommendation: If you enjoyed the trailer or the SNL sketch, you'll love the film. It's not selling itself or trying to be anything other than what it flat out tells you, and you gotta love it for that.

I posted the trailer within my Most Anticipated Summer Movies post, but here it is again for your convenience:

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