Friday, April 9, 2010

Linkulous: PAs Need Pay, Iron Man 2, Foursquare, and more

The Hollywood Reporter Commentary: Production Assistants Need Pay - all my film school friends should read this.

What Was The Last Movie You Saw Without Knowing Anything About It? 

Can Iron Man 2 Beat The Dark Knight?

How to Write a Nicholas Sparks Movie

Fourscared and Fourscammed - and this is why I don't do location based social networking, even though I see it's potential for businesses and am a huge fan of social media/networks.

Kid Racks Up $1400 Debt in FarmVille

With 3-D, Theaters are the New Sports Bars 

Ninjas Taking Over LinkedIN 

TV's Gay Teens Are Having a Moment 

Why Animated Films Look Better in 3D 

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