Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Death of the Opening Credits

The Emmy Awards released their latest updates to the qualification rules. Below is the section on theme songs.
Effective for the 2010-2011 awards year, the Main Title Theme category will be eliminated and replaced with a new category, “Music Composition for a Nonfiction Program.”  Details about the placement of main title theme achievements are still being discussed by the Music PGEC.  This change was made due to the decreasing number or traditional television main title theme music.
To read all the rule changes, visit Deadline Hollywood.

It's official. TV show theme songs and opening credits are dead. I blame you, Lost! With your 1 note creepy opener, you showed that you didn't need 30 seconds to introduce the world of the show while simultaneously allowing the network to fit in one more commercial. And at $900,000 per 30 seconds, it proved too valuable to pass up. While Lost does it well, now everyone is doing it! Even The Vampire Diaries!

In honor of this last nail in the coffin of an art form I love, I'll be showcasing some of my favorite opening credits all week.

To kick it off, watch this iconic credit sequence from Friends.


The song will forever be tied to this show. The song lyrics set up exactly what this show is about - 20 somethings trying to figure life out together. The moments cut together perfectly set up their relationships with one another and conveys the tone the show. If you had never seen this show before, you would have a pretty strong understanding after this short segment, and that my friends is the beauty of the opening credits.

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