Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Recession? Apple's Not Feeling It

iPhone sales passed 5 million units sold, for this quarter alone! Apple seems to be defying the odds by not only maintaining their market share, but growing! Apple products are more expensive across the board than other brands, yet it is able to grow thanks to a great brand that people trust.

For more hard figures, check out this article.

I just got my iPhone a week ago and I'm totally in love with it! While it's a big cost, I was lucky enough to get it as a grad gift. I've had some time to play around with apps and I'm loving the Lose it! app. It's a pretty boring app, but it's so helpful in terms of keeping track of my diet and exercise. I'm also addicted to Rolando, a fun game that utilizes the gravity function of the phone. Other apps I use all the time: Twitterific, Facebook, and Shazam. KT uses Labyrinth and The Price is Right a lot.

One type of app that I wish there were more of: Movie/TV Studios. Right now, the only one I've really found is Sony Pictures, where they have trailers and news for their films. I also have the Sci Fi Wire with updates on all sci fi news and projects. I wish there were more out there like this! I would totally use a Warner Bros. one to follow updates on Chuck and Harry Potter!

Well, hopefully this is about to change. Movie studios are starting to realize the marketing potential of the iphone and blackberry. We keep these phones on us at all times, it's the perfect way to get ads to us at any time of day. Movie studios are just starting to pick up on this idea: Bruno apps where you can touch him to get him to talk dirty to you, Harry Potter app where you can play with a wand and put your face in The Daily Prophet. While these are great, I wish more studios would have one app for all their projects like Sony Pictures does. I would PAY for a Disney/Pixar one!

Would you guys pay for a movie app? Or what other apps do you feel are lacking?

(photo and more info at The Wrap)

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