Saturday, March 19, 2011

Being Human gets a 2nd Season Order

Being Human has become a regular part of my television schedule. I'm a sucker for supernatural stories, so of course I had to check out Being Human when it premiered. While shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries focus more the on the mythology and the feud between the different beings, Being Human is all about the dramatic struggle to blend in and find meaningful relationships. With this focus, it's no wonder it's the most female-skewing audience on the Syfy schedule. 

While the ratings haven't been outstanding, they're solid enough to keep the show around and strong in the key demographics. Television has remained a more female-friendly medium, as compared to films. 

No word yet on when the second season would premiere, but the current season will end on April 11. 

Have you guys been watching this show? 


  1. We've just watched the third season of the British Being Human over in the UK which is definitely worth watching. I think we will be getting the US version later on this year and I'll definitely take a look!

  2. I haven't seen the UK version, but those who had watched it complained that the first few episodes were too similar to make it very interesting for them. Hopefully it's found it's own voice as the season's progressed!