Thursday, January 20, 2011

Modern Family: Caught in the Act

I don't normally post whole episodes of shows here, but last night's episode of Modern Family was just so hilarious across the board that I have to post it. Watch and enjoy!

Here are a few of my favorite moments:

  • Phil always has a hard time articulating himself when Gloria is around, but it went to a whole new level when Gloria was talking about "giving away her cupcakes" and Phil and Clare thought that was a sexual euphimism.
  • The cold open for the show was the best one yet. In under a minute, I was howling over Gloria's shocked face that the email sent. "It sended! It sended!....please come back" 
  • While the Cam/Mitchell storyline was the weakest, it still had a couple hilarious moments. I especially loved when they were trying to make reservations at Amelia's. 
    • Mitchell: They can take us at 5:45pm...
    • Cam: What are we, 80? 
    • Mitchell: ...or 10:45pm
    • Cam: What are we, 20? 
  • Update: Here's the direct quote from when Gloria is talking about the bake sale, but the Dunphy's think she's talking about sex. 
    • "It happened to me before with another woman. At that time, I was the one getting it. It hurt. You have to admit that you’re only happy when you’re the one cracking the whip. Come on. We all know how you ride Phil. Let go a little. Maybe even taste my cupcakes. I will join you." --Gloria

What were your favorite moments from the episode? 

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