Monday, October 25, 2010

SNL Highlights: Stefon and Farve

Sorry for the lack of posts today! I was busy spending the day at Disneyland and writing for my new blogging gig at Gordon and the Whale. Check out my first post HERE and be sure to check back since I'll be posting nearly every day there.

And now, on to some more SNL highlights from this past week!

Stefon on Weekend Update

This club has Furkels. Fat Urkels. The morning after, they'll have you saying "Did I do thaaaaat?"

Stefon is my favorite of Bill Hader's character and maybe my favorite single character on the show from the past couple seasons. I love how much it makes Bill Hader laugh during the skit too.

Bret Farve loves Wranglers

Oh, Jason Sudekis, why are you not a huge star already?

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