Sunday, August 8, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Mad World

I'm so behind on the episodes since I'm traveling. Since I'm in Kentucky, we've had a bit more down time thanks to the heat and the fact that this is more of a rest stop than a sightseeing stop. Laundry has been done and now I'm caught up on my blogs and hulu watching, ha.

The Top 6 (again) performed and overall, I thought it was a mediocre episode with all the routines being solid, but not as memorable as previous weeks. Below is my favorite routine from the episode. There's a better quality video HERE.

Set to one of my favorite songs, Mad World by Gary Jules, it was a great commentary on the discrepency between economic classes. I thought it was Billy's week between this, the Bollywood routine, and his solo, but obviously America disagreed. He just never had America on his side this season as compared to other dancers like Kent and Lauren. Maybe America was tired of hearing about his talents since he was on last season, I don't know.

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