Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twilight Eclipse Soundtrack: Eclipse (All Yours) by Metric

No matter where you stand on Twilight, you have to recognize the quality soundtracks they've released. Today they're announcing the soundtrack by rolling out one track per hour on Myspace. Check out the this track by Metric:

Metric is a Canadian electro-indie rock band, with previous indie hits like "Combat Baby" and "Monster Hospital."  I was lucky enough to catch them perform in a LA a few years ago and they put on a great show! Hopefully being attached to Twilight will catapult them into the stardom their talent deserves.

Since the soundtrack is being rolled out song by song all day, I'll post the complete track listings later.



  1. it's not Eclipse, it's Gimme Sympathy. Eclipse was announced to be released Jun 8.

  2. Ah thanks, I misread the original post and thought that was the Eclipse track! I updated the post to fix that.