Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jonah Hex: What a Hot Mess

I was (un)lucky enough to catch a test screening of Jonah Hex last weekend. I was looking forward to this flick as I'm a fan of Megan Fox and I thought it sounded interesting. However, the western/fantasy mash-up has failed again. The only things in this genre that I've enjoyed have been Brisco County Jr. and Back to the Future 3, and even then that was the weakest installment in that series.

Jonah Hex was a slow, chaotic mess. The action scenes were up to par, but otherwise everything else was lacking. Megan Fox was hardly used so I didn't have any emotional connection when she got in trouble. I don't know if that was writing or if her scenes were cut down in post.

I will give John Malcovich credit - he knows how to play a villian. His Turnbull was maniacal and heartless and the highlight of the film for me.

My recommendation: skip this movie. Wait til its  on DVD or cable. At only an hour and a half, it dragged.

Still tempted to see it? Watch the trailer below:

Jonah Hex comes out on June 18. The fact that the trailer was just released is just another hint at how plagued this production has been. There have been rewrites, reshoots, and overall mayhem that could explain this disappointing finished product.

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