Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glee: Dream On

Last night was one of the best Glee episodes yet! Directed by Joss Whedon and guest starring Neil Patrick Harris, they were able to bring an emotional core to a show that often resorts to song and dance to distract from plot shortcomings.

Both NPH's and Artie's stories pulled at the heart strings and resonated with me. Artie's storyline in particular just broke my heart.

Check out my favorite musical number below:

Since I'm pretty swamped with real life stuff, here are my brief thoughts on the episode:
  • NPH and Indina Menzel should come back more! Great voices, great roles. 
  • More flashbacks to 80s Shuester please. I loved the hair, sweater, and braces. 
  • The ending song with Artie, where Henry and Tina tap dance almost made me cry. So sad! 
  • I'm so glad Jessie wasn't playing Rachel to sabotage New Directions. This whole time I thought it was some plot to break up Glee, but turned out to be for a much more noble reason. 
  • While he was still playing her, I still like them together and he seems to genuinely be into her now. 
  • Now all the protest groups who were upset that the actor playing Artie wasn't actually handicapped know WHY this role had to be cast this way. I can't imagine this storyline and the subsequent dance routine wasn't planned from the beginning. 
  • I loved the viral video/flash mob feel of the Safety Dance. Made even more perfect when you think about all the Glee flashmobs that have happened world wide.
 Next week: GLEE GOES GAGA. This is the episode I've been waiting for since it was announced during their hiatus. It's going to be legend....wait for it....DARY!

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