Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12

Tonight marks the last time the couples are staying together. Some of them I'm sad to see part, but for the majority I feel like this will really separate the men from the boys, so to say. Well, lets get down to the dancing.

Ryan & Elenore
Dance 1:
Lindy Hop by Carla Heiney
I've got to be a rug cutter
That was such a fun routine and they were so cute! I loved the slide Ryan did to the front on his heels. The cartwheels and lifts and flips were great. I had no idea Ryan was playing with a recently injured back, he really played up the fun and hid the pain well.

Dance 2:
Broadway by Spencer
Razzle Dazzle from Chicago (original Broadway soundtrack)
Ellenore was really strong in this routine. The vertical split with the foot flexing, the move Adam pointed out, was really impressive. I also loved her very jerky movements while Ryan held her up on his shoulders.

Kathryn & Legacy
Dance 1:
Jazz by Sonya
So Deep by Hot Chip
That was hot! It is funny how very b-boy a lot of Legacy's moves were in a Jazz routine. It will be very interesting to see them with different partner, since they have developed a really good partnership and chemistry. I could see Kathryn really exploding and coming into her own with a new partnership, a la Jeanine last season.

Dance 2:
Viennese Waltz by Jean-Marc Genereaux
Your Guardian Angel
The Red Jumpsuit Appartus
That was my favorite waltz since Twitchington's in Season 4. Wow, absolutely loved that. When they showed Legacy's teary eyes and his little speech about hope, well I was sold. Voting for them like 10 times tonight.

Karen & Victor
Dance 1:
Tango by Tony and Melanie
Montserrat by Orquesta
I didn't see the secret lovers plot they talked about in pre-dance video. It was nice to see Victor finally do something other than Contemporary/Jazz, but I wasn't as impressed as the judges were. If they had been together longer, this could have been an amazing routine. But as it was, I didn't see the chemistry that was needed. I'm thinking this will be in the bottom three couples.

Dance 2:
Hip Hop by Lorieanne Gibson
Moving Moutains by Usher
That was kind of boring. Slow, lacking focus, and lacking attitude. This was more of an issue of choreography, though. I totally agree with Mary, there was nothing that stood out and that will be remembered when looking back at the dances tonight.

Nathan & Mollee
Dance 1:
Hip Hop by Jamal Sims
Ring-A-Ling by Black Eyed Peas
That was really good! Looks like the Top 12 are killing it this week. Nathan was REALLY good at hip hop. He just hit those beats so well. It was interesting to see hip hop done in 1800s clothes, too. I loved the move where Nathan did spins on his toe while Mollee did those cartwheels/back handsprings behind him. I agree with the judges that they'll really benefit from a partner switch up. They're just such babies together. Very disappointed in that routine, I expect more given Lorieanne's track record.

Dance 2:
Can Can by Tyce Diorio
Can Can Suite by Offenback
Wow, Nathan's pirourettes are great. Mollee's ariel was really impressive too. That was fun and fast and they did a great job.

Russel & Noelle
Dance 1:
Samba by Tony and Melanie
Hips Don't Lie by Shakira
Meh, I didn't really care for that. It was nice, but not very memorable for me.

Dance 2:
Contemporary by Tyce Diorio
A Case of You by Diana Krall
I'm glad Russell finally got to do contemporary before the Top 10. It was beautiful and just flowed. I'm glad they got to end on this dance, it'll definitely garner them more votes than their Samba will.

Ashleigh & Jakob
Dance 1:
Lyrical Jazz by Sonya
Time Flies by Lykke Li
That looked so technically hard - with the lifts and jumps and splits. Wow, Adam was nearly brought to tears from that. Jakob just has such incredible lines and flexibility, it is UNREAL. Sonya had a great night tonight between this routine and Kathryn & Legacy's routine.

Dance 2:
ChaCha by Jean-Marc Genereaux
ChaCha Hells by Rosabel
I think Ashleigh might have finally won me over. She was phenominal! They killed it. They had a great night over all - helped by the fact they they both got to dance their styles tonight.

Standouts: Loved the Nathan/Mollee hip hop, Kathryn/Legacy Waltz and Jazz, and the Ashleigh/Jakob ChaCha.
Bottom 3 Predictions: Karen/Victor, Ryan/Ellenore, and Russell/Noelle. I'm thinking Victor and Karen are going home, just shy of the Top 10. I could see Ryan going in Victor's place depending on solos, though.

Overall, I think this was a pretty strong episode with a few memorable dances that just might end up being performed again in the finale. What did you think of the Top 12 dances?

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