Monday, July 13, 2009

The wonders of Internet TV

Just a heads up, Hulu is going commericial free for the next 6 hours, thanks to a sponsorship via McCafe. (BTW McCafe is amazing, I prefer their coffee to everyone else's but Coffee Bean).

So, in honor of this auspicious occasion, I'm putting up a couple clips from my favorite shows. I hope you like them!

How I Met Your Mother:

Arrested Development:


You can check out full episodes at Hulu.

Also, this is a Hulu celebration, but if they don't have a show you're looking for you should check out these other sites:

The WB


  1. first of all i can't watch those videos because i live in the wrong country but im sure they're good. lol. But, you guys have mccafes now???? I remember us sitting in the ones in hong kong and you and z living it up while you had the chance. Apparently its just waaaaaay cool an idea to keep from the US.

  2. yeah, not having Hulu was a major drawback of HK (and everywhere else not US/Canada). I've updated the clips so they show what show they're from, you should go watch them on surfthechannel or something :-p

    and yeah, McCafe's just got here in spring. They're doing some hardcore marketing, like free mochas on Mondays, and now this hulu sponsorship. Pretty neat!

  3. So just to be clear you want us to to the