Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 8

Ryan & Kathryn
Disco by Doriana Sanchez
(Samantha Ronson Remix) Last Dance by Donna Summer
It was fun! Ryan can really move. I would think he'd be slowed down by his muscles and size, but he can get through those fast full movements with ease. Disco is like ballroom on speed, depending on the style, so it really suited him. I think I even noticed a samba role in there.

Cha Cha by Jason Gilkison
Put Your Hands On Me by Joss Stone
That was great! The part where she backed under his leg was ridiculous. I loved when she grabbed onto his leg and got dragged a bit. I also loved the ending when Kathryn was lifted and the last image is her completely upside. Kathryn looked so incredibly sexy, which I didn't think she could have pulled off at the beginning of the season. The Hot Tamale Train finally makes an appearance!! Karen made it on to the train in the first week and since then no one else was invited. Ryan and Kathryn totally deserve those first class seats!

Mollee & Jakob
Viennese Waltz by Jason Gilkenson
Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton
Love the use of the background and their costumes to tell a story. That was such a cute dance! I loved how happy and romantic it was. It was just beautiful.

Broadway by Joey Dowling
Easy Street by Annie (Samantha Ronson Remix)
I liked the costume change midway through the dance. The mix was really weird. It put in modern skipping and techno sounds to this old song, but didn't change much more. I don't like this new addition to the show. One of the things I love about the music on the show is that I can just download a song from a dance routine and about 95% of the time, it will sound exactly like it did on the show.

Legacy & Ellenore
Contemporary by Travis Wall
Machine Gun by Portis Head
It's like Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Wow, great lifts. The timing on the table had to be absolutely perfect and it was! Wow, amazing. You can't even tell Ellenore's dancing with a torn rotator cuff. Travis's response to the Emmy comments was priceless! I would love for Travis to be nominated for an Emmy - he's had many memorable numbers between

NappyTabs Hip Hop
People are Strange (Districk 78 Remix)
I loved the pre-dance video. Cool use of the masks, it really added to the weirdness. The rolls and jumps over one another were great. The weirdness just got kicked up a notch with all the weird alien language speech.

Jakob Solo
When You Say My Name by Mario Spinetti
He's just such a good dancer. His technique and skill blow me away.

Russell & Ashleigh (stand in)
Shane Sparks Hip Hop
Too Much Booty 2 By Soundmaster Remix
I wonder about Russell's partnering skills since Noelle and Ashleigh have both been injured while with him. That was a hard hitting routine. I'm sad we didn't get to see Ashleigh do Hip Hop, since she has proven herself in this genre so well before.

Bollywood by Nikul
Spirit of Rangeela from the Rangeela Soundtrack
There were some moments where Russell's face was just TOO happy, or whatever expression that was supposed to be. Maybe some of Ashleigh rubbing off on him? Great routine, overall.

Heartburn by Alica Keys

Fancy Footwork by Chromeo
At first, I wasn't too impressed. But once he did all those moves with the phone in his hand, just to prove that he could do all that with one hand, I was hooked. I'd be really happy if he makes it into the finale, but I honestly have no idea what guy is going home tomorrow.

I Got the Feelin' by James Brown
She really is always having fun. Her personality and exuberence

Holiday Buckness by The J Squad
I don't think his shoe was supposed to come off, but he went with and incorporated it into the dance.

ShadowFeet by Brooke Fraser

Din Da Da
Kevin Aviance
Aw, I can't believe he just gave Ashleigh's number instead of his own. I don't think it will get her enough votes, but I know it just endeared him more to me and probably the rest of America.

Highlights: Jakob/Mollee's Viennese Waltz, Kathryn/Ryan's Cha Cha. I never thought that only ballroom numbers would be my highlights, since I'm a bigger fan of Hip Hop and Jazz. But, these two numbers will stand out against the season for me.

Predictions: I honestly have no idea who will be in the finale, since I would be happy with all of them making it to the end. If I had to wager a guess, I'd say Ashleigh and Russell would be going home. Just because of the severe disadvantage of losing your partner and of not being able to dance. Ryan's plea probably got her some votes, but I'm betting they got him more.

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